Holiday Samples

Holiday Samples from Rodeo Chaps Lesson Plans Series:

Holiday Hitching Post

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Expand, explore, examine and enjoy holidays and special days throughout the seasons with The Holiday Hitching Post.

Student reporters are given the opportunity to expand writing skills using a newspaper format. The use of many, or all, of the newspapers will provide an excellent monthly barometer of writing progress and can be used to show parents writing growth throughout the year.

News Headlines, Editorial, Weather, Sports, Interviews, Opinion Polls and Surveys.

Environmental Focus, Fashions, Travel, Comics, Poetry, Book Reviews, Advice Column, and How To…

Entertainment Section:
Word Searches, Crossword Puzzles, Riddles, Vocabulary Building, Math Problem Solving, and Party Planning

Classified Section:
Advertising, Real Estate, Help Wanted, and Lost and Found

HH Rodeo Chaps Lesson Plans – Holiday Hitching Post Samples


Holiday Hoedown

Get your feet stompin’, your toe tappin’, and your knee slappin’ for the Holiday Hoedown.

Sponge activities with a purpose.

A potpourri of language arts, math, and art activities focused on a special holiday.

HD Rodeo Chaps Lesson Plans – Holiday Hoedown Samples