Reading Samples

Reading Samples from Rodeo Chaps Lesson Plans Series:

Oak Tree Tales

Starter Reading Program For Grade 1, 2 and 3

The Oak Tree Tales star a sensitive, cuddly Yaboowazie named Borrup. Borrup and his sister Bodil are visiting from a country named Yaboovania, a country where peace, loving kindness and brotherhood prevail. His best friend and mentor of wisdom is The Old Oak Tree (T.O.O.T.).

A Mini-Story styled Reading Program for a broad range of Grades 1, 2 and 3 ability levels.

An excellent program for Home Schoolers and for individuals learning within the classroom.

Based on creative learning methods, the programs will offer every student a positive opportunity to step into the world of reading.

In addition to being an effective reading program each story dialogue contributes to the establishment of a positive traditional “Western” value system that respects differences, stresses kindness, fair play, politeness and tolerance.

Each monthly unit contains five short stories relevant to the seasons and holiday sin the school year. Ten activities follow each story. The activities range from world study to creative and critical thinking.

OT Rodeo Chaps Lesson Plans – Oak Tree Tales Samples

The Reading Rodeo

Grades 2 and 3 – Lasso a good book with the literature based Reading Rodeo!

A self-motivating, reading program designed to develop higher level thinking skills. It can be used effectively for independent study, team or cooperative learning groups, home study, multi-age groups or whole group study.

The Reading Rodeo Start Kit is the backbone and complete working format for the Reading Rodeo Infield Events. By using the Start Kit combined with the Infield Events, the teacher can easily implement a totally individualized reading program for all students in the class. The Start Kit guilds children through vocabulary study, dictionary skills, phonics, provides a format for completing the Infield Events, student self-evaluation and a teacher guided assessment. Purchase one Start Kit and use with all 50 titles.

The Reading Rodeo Infield Events contain eighteen task cards, three task cards based on each level of Bloom’s taxonomy. The student is asked to select and complete one task card from each level: Knowledge (Calf Roping), Comprehension (Barrel Racing), Application (Saddle Bronc Riding), Analysis (Brahma Bull Riding), Synthesis (Steer Wrestling), and Evaluation (Chuckwagon Racing).

RR Rodeo Chaps Lesson Plans – Reading Rodeo Samples