Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

All Rodeo Chaps products are the Copyright of The Rodeo Chaps and Rodeo Chaps Publishing. All rights reserved. Rodeo Chaps lesson plans address the outcomes of Alberta curriculum, and as always our products are affordable, very teacher friendly, and copy ready.

Only one copy of any book may be downloaded and saved on one teacher’s hard drive. No part of any book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, recording or otherwise to share with another person. The ideas in any Rodeo Chaps’ book were designed to be reproduced and used with students by one teacher in one classroom.

A classroom is a group of 30 or fewer students instructed together in a classroom format at one location on a daily basis. Only one teacher may use one booklet at one time. If two teachers will be using the material at one time you will need two sets.

Copies are for student use only and not for resale. You may not copy the masters so chat each teacher has a master copy of the lesson plans. Violation of intellectual property copyright is theft and our recourse will be vigorously pursued with legal authorities.


The Rodeo Chaps do not ship hard copies of lesson plans. When purchasing lesson plans from the website you are ordering digital lesson plans. No physical copies will be sent.


Due to the nature of the electronic format, we have a no return policy on all of our products. We have samples of our lesson plans that can be downloaded for free from our Samples page. If you do have any questions about a specific lesson plan, we will do our best to answer them.